HD 7 Founded in 1986, Calhoun Satellite Communications, Inc is the oldest, continuous, transportable earth station provider in the United States.  With corporate headquarters in South Florida, Calhoun has grown significantly throughout the years always maintaining the highest level of customer service and attention to detail. 

 The Original owner and continued today with Kevin Husband put his first mobile uplink unit on the road 25 years ago.  Always on the forefront of new technology with an understanding of customer service, Calhoun Satellite grew in size and reputation.

Calhoun's fleet grew significantly throughout the entire geographic area east of the Mississippi.  Their trucks maintain the highest level of electronics and personnel.  Calhoun Satellite is proud to be the first mobile uplinker with a Dual Dish C/Ku Band vehicle on the road.HD 2

Today Calhoun's inventory includes 2 Dual Dish C/Ku trucks, 3 Ku trucks,  1 C band, 1 C/Ku Hybrid and 1 Ku trailer. Calhoun's trucks are housed between Miami, Florida and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania giving easy access to a wide geographic area throughout North America.

Our trucks travel coast to coast every year for different events so no where  is out of reach.


As a gateway to the Caribbean, Calhoun has floated trucks to many Island locations as needed.  Specializing in high profile live special events, our mobile units can be seen at major sporting and news events throughout the country.

The name of Calhoun Satellite resonate in the industry as representing excellence.  Co-located today with Stirling Studios, Calhoun is the engineering backbone of the studios assisting with live interactivty via fiber and satellite connectivity.

News, Sports, Entertainment, SMT's and Corporate teleconference no job is too big or too small for Calhoun Satellite.

Pick your flavor, Analog, Serial Digital, HD broadcasting, DVBS, DVBS2, Mpeg2, Mpeg4 we have you covered.